• Person Centered Healthcare

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  • October 17th-18th 2019

    Ordem dos Médicos - Porto


October 17th-18th, 2019


Porto - Ordem dos Médicos

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About the congress:

Those who become ill present not only as a collection of organ systems, one or more of which require interventions of the scientific medicine, but rather as integral human beings with narratives, preferences, values, psychology and many social necessities. Scientific medicine can only address a fraction of such concerns, so we need to improve and implement health systems science as an emergency of professional education. Person centered healthcare is a new way of “thinking and doing” in clinical practice considering the patients as persons. This is a philosophy and method which enables affordable biomedical and technological advance to be delivered to patients within a humanistic framework of care that recognizes the importance of care of the patient as a whole person responding to “his emotional, social and spiritual necessities in addition to his physical needs.”


Selected abstracts will be published in the European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare (EJPCH)

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17-18th October 2019

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